How to Create an Asian-Inspired Home by Simply Using Throw Pillows

Asian homes are truly colorful and full of attitude; this is one of the many reasons why more people from the west are slowly adapting Asian inspired styles. Aside from those glittering home accent pieces made from hardwood and metals, intricate carvings and hand painted walls are also common on most Asian homes. These things plus more truly gives beauty and unique face of design to our friends from the east. Their homes are truly fascinating, bold and nevertheless amazing.

If you want to create an Asian-inspired home but don’t have the budget to contract some artisan to repaint your wall or better yet buy those large and bulky intricately carved home accent pieces, using some Asian throw pillows works best. Now you don’t need to shell out huge amounts of money just to achieve that bold and mysterious Asian look into your room, a bunch of Asian inspired toss pillows are enough to suffice your eastern design cravings. However, bear in mind that proper coordination and play of design is important to achieve “Asian effects” into your room. Throwing in some floral throw pillows will not work but rather make sure its gold and red. Follow these tips and tricks listed below to determine how you can employ the powers of accent pillows to create an Asian-inspired room easy and effective.

  1. Color is very important – Asian rooms and homes are blended with astonishing colors ranging from simple to flamboyant ones. Red is the favorite amongst all so if you want to make your room look like “traditionally Asian” go for reds. On the other hand, various colors can now be seen on modern Asian homes as they use black and white, browns and other neutral colors to accentuate their homes. Stay away from in between colors but rather choose those that belong to a single classified group of colors.
  2. Pay attention to details – aside from noting the color of your throw pillows, ensure that details are also right. Fans and lotus flowers are always regarded as the signature shaped throw pillows designs of Asia, same as with umbrella and geisha. You can also use dragons and circles to capture the wonderful spirit of Asian designs. Golden beads and glittering sequence can also be used to portrait the richness of gold in Asia.
  3. Create contrast – you should also remember that monotony of color is a big No-no when it comes to Asian designs. If you have a black colored sofa, accentuate it using white throw pillows that have black details on it. Same thing goes for neutral colored furniture items; make use of silver or gold throw pillows. However, there are some exceptions to the rule. You can use the same color of pillows unless details are created on the contrasting shade. A red sofa can go with red throw pillows provided that gold or black details on the pillow are clearly visible.
  4. Use various shapes and sizes of throw pillows – don’t settle for medium sized throw pillows. Explore other sizes such as extra large or small home accent pillows. Same thing goes when it comes to shape; rounds are squares are very much common but other pillow shapes can also be explored.

The designs of Asia are truly captivating and enthralling, you too can bring these emotions on your own home by using Asian inspired throw pillows. Create an Asian-looking room simple and very affordable on the budget with the help of exceptional accent pillows.

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